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The history of Hip Hop

Hey guys,
today our 'homework' is talk about the history of Hip Hop, so here we go...

The hip hop is a musical genre (created nearby of 1970) consisting of a rhythmic music
and rhyming speech that is chanted. The hip hop began as a pure electronic music took
from Jamaica to the suburb of New York, and in one neighborhood there, was a man
called Kool Herc. He was the creator of the toast, a way of singing with rhymes well
elaborated on reggae music, and usually with a criticism about anything. In no time
were born lots of artistic movements of the young people, using the music and the
dance as criticisms of what they thought. A lot of gangs stopped to fight each other
with weapons and begun to compete with dance steps. Later the toast was called
as “rap” or hip hop. 
His real name is Clive Campbell, and his musical style was soon incorporated by other artists like Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

Here one of his interviews:
And here is one of his musics:
And finally here is a video of Afrika Bambaataa:

Hope you enjoy the videos, and soon there will be a video of a part of our choreography.
 Stay tuned ^^

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